After I wrote my last post I carefully outlined all of the letters on the text panels of Ella’s tallit.  I was feeling so pleased about how clean the lettering looked. I was so happy about how nicely the two panels of lettering worked together.

But then I noticed  AAAAAARRRGGGHH!!!! two teeny droplets of paint on the fourth row of text between the third and fourth letters from the left.


I put the work away and hoped that I could sleep on a solution to the problem. I woke up having dreamed the two droplets into giants ugly globs of horribleness.


I could pretend that nothing was amiss and hope that Ella and her family wouldn’t notice. But that is pretty dishonest and would leave me feeling guilty. I could redo the lettering, but the paint had dried. I would have to mix up new pots of color, I don’t know if I could match the color or get the letting to play nicely if I started  a new.


Instead I emailed Ella’s mom with photos of the blobetts and asked her what she thought. Every client has their own sense of acceptable margin of error.  I wanted to know if the droplets fit within that margin.

Happily for me, Ella’s family was OK with the teeny drops.  We have all agreed to ignore them.

I had a bit of very minor surgery this morning and planned to work this afternoon. The best laid plans and all that and I had to go visit my nephew in the hospital and act as loco parentis.


After dinner I pieced the front of the tallit. Tomorrow I will line the tallit and hopefully attach the atara and pinot. I don’t dare work tired. I think I have used up my mess up allotment for this tallit.


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