What would Ari do???

Today I I had an idea about Ari’s atara/neckband. I thought that if I covered it with a chiffon and did the intended lettering on top of the chiffon , the end result might be terrific.I love the metallic threads shimmering through the sheer silks.

If I had a purple chiffon, life would be easy.  I have maroon chiffon.


Midnight blue chiffon.




I also have brown.


I’m thinking that the brown might read as purple, but I also really like the midnight blue. I’m crowd sourcing this one. Any thoughts  from  internet land?


  1. Well, it might be just my computer screen, but the midnight blue makes the other colors pop and seem deep and rich to me where the brown tones it all down... makes it a little muddier.

  2. That's a tough one. I would eliminate the maroon. I like the midnight blue but I think the brown would offer a softer contrast more fitting for a young girl. hope this helps.

  3. based on the pics, I'm leaning to the midnight blue myself.... I've not seen anything you've done that I haven't liked, so I know whatever you decide will be great!

  4. Hi, I guess I didn't see this the other day. But I'd go for the midnight blue as well. The others are interesting in their own way, but it is like 2 interestings next to each other.
    But blue says to me something about the broad expanse of the heavens and infinity because the theme continues with out a full on stop and start.
    If you know what I mean?


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