By Popular Demand

Photos of my mother's normal sized freezer shown filled with both the food my sister and I bought at Costco and with all the food I cooked over the past two days.
I would have cooked more today, but there is no place to store any more food.


  1. My goodness! That is packed. Was going to say she needs a bigger freezer, but then it would be longer between visits, so I bet she prefers the small freezer for that reason. lol

  2. For much of my childhood my mother just had a regular sized freezer. she got really good at loading it up. It was like a clown car for food. One of my mother's friends had a big freezer in her was the size of a big fridge. it belonged to my mother's friend but the freezer had several tenants. My mother got to be one of the freezer tenants when i was in college. Soon after that, my mother's friend moved to Florida. My mother inherited both the freezer and the other freezer users. I just loved that communal ownership. Once my mother had the freezer, she loved keeping the freezer above the fridge sparsely populated. It was like Calvin Klein had designed the interior of the freezer.


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