Some input from my husband

One of the nice thing about being married ( and there are many) is that my husband will often offer his two cents on a piece that I’m working on .


I was ready to simply edge the pages on the Shabbat table book and sew them together. But my husband kept asking me, “ What! No cover????”


So, I spent a chunk of today obsessively painting on velvet.




I think that the cover will look pretty with the interior


This also lets you know that my husband and I have a vastly different marriage than his parents did.  If my father in law would suggest something to my mother in law her usual response would be that he didn’t know anything.


I think my husband may have been right. Tomorrow I will finish the construction.

The photos I posted of my kids got me in a sentimental mood and here is a photo taken of me with my two older sisters in a horse drawn carriage in Montreal.

becky abi sarah 001

I was ten or eleven in this photo. Let me know if you remember me ( or my sisters) looking like this.


  1. That last comment was from me! Laura Clark

  2. Laura - we probably would have been friends..had we known one another in those days.


  3. My older sister reminded me that although this photo was taken in Canada, I was mistaken about the city, the photo was taken in Quebec City, not Montreal.

  4. It looks wonderful. I value my husband's two cents on my work as well. He has a good eye and a much better feel for perspectives when I have to do them.


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