Klimty Completeness

Finally. I’m done.


The names are calligraphed onto the front cover.



Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the lettering to be that easy to read. there are too many competing elements. If you look carefully under the correct light the letters emerge.


Stitching the book together was easier than I had anticipated.


Just a line of straight stitching did the job.



Adding just a bit to the cover worked like a dream.




Happy secular new year to all.


  1. It's stunning! I love the colors.

  2. Thanks Nancy. I suppose I should be all " Aw shucks!". But there is an element of randomness/ accidental happenstance in my work..and this time it worked in my favor. It's not the usual color palette but I think that it will really work well for the bride. I had hoped that the same magic that worked on the colors would have worked on making the lettering easier to read...but unfortunately..it didn't. I'm just going to have to cry uncle on that element of the piece.

  3. Thanks Cindy Ann!! it's due for pick up tomorrow. i hope my client who is flying in from out of town can out fly the blizzard!!!

  4. I am overwhelmed! I hope she doesn't pass out when she sees it! She should! It is magnificent!

  5. I think that the bride will be really happy. i don't know the groom as well and he tends to be more contained than his bride...But I do expect that they will both be pleased.


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