Kids and Work

Perhaps my daughter was feeling a bit sentimental. Or perhaps it is because complicated braids are now in vogue, but my daughter asked me to braid her hair into a complicated braid.


It’s been a really long time since I have done anything like this for my daughter. The hair braiding used to be part of our daily morning ritual.


We probably haven’t done this for seven or eight years.


And while the camera was out, my older son was sitting in the living room.  He has the same square head my father had. I know that the term blockhead is often derogatory, but you could easily replace my son’s head with a cube.  He may have a block head, but he does not act like one.  I love how his face and body create so many right angles.


I don’t just spend al of my time admiring my kids. I also think I have finished transferring all of the texts for the table book.


Since this book is a wedding gift, I had discussed using verses from the Song of Songs with my client.  I changed my mind and added some poems by H. N. Bialik that are a modern take on the old biblical love poetry.  unlike the biblical original which is a dance of unfulfilled longing…in the modern version the couple end up under the cuppah/wedding canopy.


I’m very fond of the ugly old fashioned  typefaces. Some come from the prayer book I used throughout  high school. SAM_1557


I like the accidental fact that the texts that the recipients probably know by heart are slightly fuzzy and the ones where they will actually read the texts carefully are very clear. SAM_1558

Next, I have to interface the pages, sew the fronts to the backs, bind the edges and sew the pages together. 


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