Food Friday- Visual Recipe Edition

This is how you make cranberry sauce. You can make it other ways, but once I learned how to make cranberry sauce from Barbara Kafka’s  Microwave Gourmet I never turned back.
This is a four cup measure

This is a one cup measure. You can make your sauce more sweet or less sweet depending on your personal taste. I'm generally not a fan of white sugar, but I do like it's clean taste with the cranberries.
Spices are optional but delightful additions. My mother always added orange or lemon rind. You can also chop  an orange to a fine dice and add it to the berries.
4. Cook in a microwave safe bowl covered with a plate for eight minutes. You can also cover  the bowl with microwave safe  plastic wrap.
Serve in a glass bowl, because I told you to. I'm normally not so rigid about serving dishes...but the fabulous color of the cooked cranberries scream out for being served in glass.
If the cranberry sauce sits in the fridge for a few hours the natural pectin develops and it gels up nicely. You can assign the job of making cranberry sauce to a six year old or to your demented mother in law. Your  demented mother in law might need a bit more supervision than your six year old. Either way, it will come out delicious.

What am I serving  with this tonight?
An Eastern European flavored chicken with smoked paprika and caraway seeds.
And a mix of baked grains with oyster mushrooms.
I still have to make the kale salad ( with dates, sesame oil and rice vinegar) and something dessert like.


  1. No water in the cranberry sauce?

  2. Not a drop of water is added. The cranberries produce enough fluid on their own to make it unnecessary. Be sure that the vessel that holds the cranberries is covered...or else you will be mopping lots of magenta sticky stuff from the walls of your microwave...Consider yourself warned. This method is so easy that I haven't made cranberry sauce on a stove top in 20 years.


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