Feeling Klimt-ey

Yesterday I got a call from someone who asked me to come up with a new version of this:



I don’t exactly have a name for this…because I made it up, it’s sort of a cloth version of the prayer book you use at the Shabbat table.

The indented recipient is someone I know, and I didn’t think that she would love the traditional blue and white  depicted here.  The recipient dresses in  in the sort of colors you see in a Klimt painting. I thought that the book could have the same feel. I anticipated photo transferring the black text onto the Klimt-like background.


I started with this beige silk shantung.


I painted it with watered down acrylic paint in the right color.


Then, looking at the Google image page for reference, began adding Klimt-like motifs to the silk first in a dull olive.


Then I added additional colors.



I’m really happy with the result. now to select the text and transfer them to the silk.


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