Baked Sweet Potato Latke Recipe

I was asked to write down this recipe, so here it is, more or less.
Baked Sweet Potato Latkes
Shred 1 sweet potato per eater. (I used a food processor)
Put in a bowl and add 1 egg per eater anda few finely chopped dates
add matza meal to make a thick dough
salt, pepper, ginger, cinnamon and a couple of healthy glugs of olive oil 
mix well bake on greased pan. I baked my latkes on parchment paper but they lacked a certain lushness that baking on a greased pan can achieve. The more austere version were eaten enthusiastically, but probably would have been eaten more enthusiastically if they had been baked on a more heavily greased pan.
The latkes would be improved by the addition of broken pecans, or small bits of dried fruit or candied ginger.

They were baked at 350 until they were done, maybe 15 minutes, but I wasn’t looking at the clock.


  1. Sound delicious - spices, dates, suggested additions....and can't help loving the "healthy glugs" of olive oil! Onomotopeia (HT to my mother, Judy Helman z"l - hope I spelled it right)? Is that the way the oil sounds coming out of the bottle? Like "bakbuk"?

    1. Yonina- a glug is a more polite version of how my mother used to explain this measurement. My mother used to describe this liquid measure as a mouth full. Some of my older cookbooks use a similar dry measure...a hand full....which actually translates to 1/4 cup. Like many people who cook a whole lot I measure be eye and by feel. My cooking hero,Mark Ruhlman was on WNYC last week and spoke about liberating cooks from the tyrany of the recipie. He felt that when cooks keep their noses inside cookbooks the loose the sense of the food itself.
      I love getting into the internal logic of dish. Yonina... I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see your name. Actually having a conversation with you is just tremendous.


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