Sewn while waiting for paint to dry

I was doing finishing touches on a piece.  I was waiting for the paint to dry and the making dresses itch had to be scratched.

I had done my version of retail therapy…buying a mystery bundle from Fabric Mart. This time about half of the fabrics that arrived in the bundle were fabrics that I never ever would have chosen.  This green knit is one of those fabrics. It screams 1968 to me.  ( not groovy hippie wear but the sort of dress that responsible adults wore)


Clearly I have been influenced by watching the later seasons of Mad Men.  It is vaguely like what my cooler secular studies teachers might have worn when I was in elementary school ( but of course with sleeves).

I more or less used my easiest dress in the world diagram  to make this dress. The yardage wias a bit shorter than I would have liked…so the cowl is less deep.SAM_1422

I was prepared to hate this dress. What is there to like? double knit? in a kind of ugly color? I have been won over. I like this dress. it looks and feels good on. As I type this… a visual memory floats before me. Miss Palmer, known in our school as Mean Miss Palmer,  the regular substitute teacher wore a similar dress with a white acrylic sweater the first time she was our substitute teacher in first grade.  Despite this memory of the sadistic Miss Palmer,  I plan to wear this dress often.

And while still waiting for paint to dry…

A soft jersey knit from Kabbala Man is now a dress that reads as fancier than what it is.


A lace print on a lavender ground. the neck and armholes are still unfinished.SAM_1424

I will play with them later…but the paint is now dry.


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