Fur Repair Part 2

Here is the mink set


I had tackled the stole/collar yesterday. Today I had to take care of the hat. Hat is a generous term , it’s a hatlet.

The guts of the hat were in terrible shape. The hat had been given shape by a couple of layers of buckram.


I know that we all think that natural materials are best, but the straw like buckram had become brittle and felt like a teeny fire hazard.


The layers inside the hat were two layers of a sheer silk. One layer of the coarse buckram and two of the finer buckram.

I usually don’t use buckram. I don’t do tailoring.But the sewing gods were smiling on me and I had a chunk of buckram. Not only that, it was easy to find in my fabric stash.


I wasn’t exactly sure how many layers I would need but I decided to start with two.


I used the silk layers as my pattern and cut two layers of buckram and one of the lining.

I plunked the layers inside the hat and liked the feel of the hat. It had enough body to look perky.


Then two rows of hand stitching later the hat was re furbished.




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