Food Friday–Meat and Potatoes Edition

When my older son was really little he used to call beef  “beep”. This week we are having a Beep Shabbat. learning how to cook beef was one of those things that used to scare me, but not any more.


I’m serving rolled beef. Beef is always improved by a good spice rub.


This week’s includes, allspice, cinnamon, ginger, paprika, smoked paprika and lots of black pepper. I ought to have added ground coffee to the mix but I forgot to.

Then I rubbed the spice mixture into the meat.


I committed a big meat faux pas and put the beef into the oven while it was still slightly frozen.  If I had the magical ability to rewind my life and had remembered to pull the meat out of the oven 12 hours earlier than I did, I would have. I don’t think any of the eaters at the table will notice.

While the meat cooked, I went out to do some pre-Shabbat errands.

On the way I saw some trees that had actually turned color. these trees over hang the Friday farmer’s market around the corner from my house.


Here is the meat a few hours later, after it had cooked and had done some time in the fridge so I could slice it thinly.


Slicing meat was something that I used to do really badly.


Now I can do it without tears.

Roasted potatoes.


I even replaced the lining of  the sleeve of one of my winter coats.


Shabbat Shalom!!!


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