A Big Day

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Yesterday was my daughter’s 25th birthday.  I’m going to skip telling you how it feels like yesterday that she was born.  I am going to tell you that she is a pretty wonderful human being and that we all laugh more when she is around.


I had gotten her tickets to the circus for her birthday. It’s not what she had asked for. I know that my daughter is an adult because she asked us to buy her a vacuum cleaner for her birthday. We did fulfill her request, but it isn’t like she wasn’t going to enjoy an night at the circus.


I got to Lincoln Center early  to give her the tickets. Lincoln  center was one of those spaces built on the idealistic promise of architecture changing lives. That crisp utopian dream is nice on paper, and is wonderful as a model  but tends to work less well in real life. Those stark plazas can be bleak.


Right now there is an installation of sculptures in the plaza.




Many of the circus attendees were decked out in costume. Here is a father photographing his daughter in a princess dress and rain boots.


This ghoul was rushing by.SAM_1337

This family was on it’s way out of the plaza.


I hope that this girl and her mother enjoyed the show.



My daughter had a wonderful time.


  1. What a fun birthday present! You have a great looking family!!


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