Sewing for my Youngest

We often refer to my youngest as “ The Buttless Wonder”.  Back in the day when he had to wear a uniform for school he was too skinny for Old Navy slim pants and had to wear suspenders. I ended up having to make his school pants because it was just too hard to find pants that were slim enough to fit him.

Ten years later, my youngest is a whole lot taller but still really skinny. Recently he has fallen in love with wearing really skinny flashy pants.


My son has a skinny friend who gave him a pair of Beetlejuice black and white striped jeans that she had grown tired of. My son’s skinny friend is , as she ought to be , built like a girl, and is not a buttless wonder.

The pants were baggy in the butt and were falling down. I offered to alter the pats. This is a skill that is far out of my usual wheelhouse.


I removed the waistband at the side seams and at the back seam and took the pants in at each of those three points.


I then had to make the waistband smaller to fit the new smaller waist. The fabric is coated with what feels like plastic. Sewing them was not easy. I macguyvered the alteration and covered the ugly back waistband seam with black grosgrain ribbon. I also added a grosgrain belt loop.


The pants fit. My son is happy.

He also asked me to do the following mending task.



This request lets you know that my youngest is definitely my husband’s son. The shirt is completely threadbare and is a hand me down from my son’s Baltimore cousin. it is see through and developed breaks. My son loves the shirt and asked me to mend it.

My husband asked me to mend the shorts he wore when he proposed to me until they were all mending thread, I don't think any of the original black twill was left on those shorts by the time I refused to mend them any more. I have my limits.


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