Food Friday–Caveman Edition

It’s another Caveman Shabbat at our house. The table will be full tonight.SAM_1200

One of our guests is a butcher and the son and grandson of a butcher.  Meat cookery is a fairly new skill for me. It makes me a little nervous to cook meat for him.

The ribs and the wings are cooked.


They will be bathed in another layer of sweet/salty vinegary/ smoky sauce as it all warms in the oven.

Some of our guests is a family we don’t know very well. We warned them not to wear their best clothes so they could enjoy the meal without worry.

Our guests are bringing most of the rest of the meal. I still have to make a starch. I think I will go for simple, perhaps rice.  I would have baked potato spears but one of our guests is potato allergic.

The house smells goooooood.

And now , for no particular reason a photo of an adorable house in Chelsea. Who doesn’t want to live in this house?SAM_1188


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