Preparing for Yom Kippur - musical round-up

So much of the experience of Yom Kippur is  about the music. I have included some selections of music that I hope gets you in the mood for t'shuvah.

This is a fairly unadorned version of  El Nora Alila
 This version of the same melody has a full orchestra, yet it conveys much of the feeling of singing in synagogue when everyone is singing . I love watching the audience singing along at the end. 

This piyut/ liturgical poem is one of my favorites

This rendition of selichot is entirely terrific. Ben Zion Shenker was a wonderful  composer and an even better davener. This is old time Jewish services at it's best.  If you can't make it to services, just listen to this.

For a selection of seasonal music zemer reshet and another completely different selection from the Piyut website. I was trying to find the version of  כבקרת רועה עדרו that I grew up with but it seems that Shlomo Carlebach's version has functioned like musical kudzu and has crowded out all other versions. There is nothing wrong with Carlebach's version, but I miss hearing the pretty tune I grew up with.


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