A post Yom Kippur shpatzir

The fast left all of us functioning on low speed today. So a walk in Central Park seemed like it was just the right level of excitement for today. I took my camera along today. I realized as I took pictures that one of the reason that the park is photographed so much is that it’s just so incredibly photogenic.

Here is the Upper East Side taken from the west side of the reservoir. A fast snap and it looks like it came from a tourism brochure.


I particularly love the many bridges in the park. So I took photos of the ones we passed today.


Last week we saw Cleopatra's Needle from the roof of the Met. This week we were at ground level. I know, the sky looks so great it looks like it was painted by a scenic department.


We also passed some sort of a jousting class.


We stopped to watch this jazz trio performing under a big tree. They were fabulous.



I’m sure that I have seen this exact photo of the El Dorado by someone else. The park just seems to set itself up into perfect photographic compositions.


Here it is in black and white, this looks like a book cover to me, or perhaps the album cover for jazz favorites with a New York theme.


Here is a closer shot.


When you go to Disneyland there are signs telling you where you ought to take pictures. Central Park does not have such signs.  The designers of the park put lots of thought into creating beautiful vistas. The park is not that big a space but it has been designed to reveal itself in charming ways.


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