A little Deco for your day

My neighborhood was built mostly between 1880 and 1929.  There was basically nearly no building from the stock market crash of 1929 until the 1980’s. There is relatively little Art Deco architecture in the neighborhood, not to say that there is none. On a recent ( that is, this morning) walk I found these examples.
This botanical fantasy is from the entryway of a public school.
The building across the street from the school uses similar yellow brick and more restrained neo-Egyptian motifs. The two buildings make good neighbors.

Just at the corner, you have this.
I love that all of the elements are intact. I think that the building escaped renovation because the address was less than fashionable for many decades. The porthole theme continues in the first floor windows that I was too thoughtless to photograph.


  1. Lisaradano @hotmail.comSeptember 30, 2013 at 7:51 PM

    We forget where we live. I love looking up and finding faces on building facades. They are everywhere. Quiet. Mostly ignored. Watching over us.

  2. Lisa -

    You have many more examples of good Art Deco in your neighborhood..


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