Yesterday afternoon I arrived in Boston. For a chunk of the trip I had my doubts if we would ever leave the Bronx. For all of the pokeyness of the early part of the bus trip, we only arrived 30 minutes behind schedule.

My sister was kind enough to treat me to a simple yet satisfying dinner before our journey to Costco to buy supplies for our mother. The main goal of this shopping venture was kosher meat so I could make several week's worth of meals for my mother and her care giver.

Today was cooking day.My mother used to have a really well supplied kitchen. When my mother moved she seems to have left behind stuff that makes cooking easier... things like large bowls or sharp knives. 

I have done more than my share of cooking under less than ideal circumstances. I was up to the challenge of doing serious cooking in a very attractive kitchen with virtually no counter space and with an odd array of cooking implements. 

Each item I make also had to be packed into  single serving packages. So today's tally is:
8 servings of pomegranate chicken 
8 servings of herbed chicken
16 servings of beef

I made kasha with varnishkes, also packaged into single servings and also a baked mixed grain pilaf with dried fruit. Basically, I cooked four Shabbat dinners in a day.  Luckily I had some help with the clean up.
What my mother's freezer looks like filled with home cooked goodness. Please forgive the terrible quality of the photo. My tablet has many good qualities but has a terrible camera. 


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