Food Friday–use your imagination edition

This is part of dinner cooking. This eggplant ended up as a REALLY spicy babaganouj thanks to a healthy dollop of schug, an Israeli hot pepper paste. When you taste the eggplant a little bit of stem escapes from your eyes. One of our guests is a fan of really spicy food.


And this is what my oven looks like right now.


All the food is in it’s place waiting for our guests to show up. On the menu is vaguely Indian chicken made with curry, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom and chopped pears. That’s in the pan on the lower right. Just above it is a pan full of flanken bones in a smoky barbecue sauce that is sitting politely by the challot.  Below the challot is a baked basmati rice, barley and wheat berry pilaf. Everything ( except for the challot) were cooking together in the oven earlier in the day.



On the counter is a marinated mixed vegetable salad. In the fridge is the babaganouj and some home made really lemony chumus.



Dessert is something of an experiment. I read about corn flavored ice cream in the New York Times. it sounded like a nice thing to do. So I made some ( yes, non dairy) I’m constructing it into a two layer ice cream pie with blueberry non dairy ice cream that is churning as I write. It might be great or  it might  be horrible. I live a little dangerously.


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