Another visit to Governor's Island

I’m having some surgery tomorrow. ( Don’t worry, it isn’t major.) I realized that I needed a bit of ocean time to keep me on an even keel before tomorrow’s events. I suppose if I were the sort of girl who had a house in the Hamptons  I would have been there today. Since I don’t have a house in the Hamptons or Block Island I did the next best thing, or perhaps the even better thing, and  my husband and I took the ferry to Governor's Island.  We had gone last summer and it was beautiful.

One of the most extraordinary things about the island for me, aside from how beautiful it is, is that once people step off the ferry they all instantly become mellow, calm and polite. Visually they all look like the polyglot that is New York but as if they traded souls with, say, Iowans.


Today was no different. One of the things that’s lovely about the Island is that they shift around the attractions from year to year.


This year one new thing was an administration building that has been turned in to art studios. Seventeen different artists get a two month gig to work and exhibit  in the building. I didn’t take photos of the work because the artists were mostly not around to ask permission. Applications will be available in the fall for artists to apply for space.


I immediately fantasized about working there and chose this room.




I love the odd shape and the view of the harbor. I am currently ignoring the rotting ceiling and the smell of damp plaster. A girl can dream.SAM_0834

One of the big attractions this year was a collection of antique French carnival rides and attractions.  Many of the rides are functional. There is a small charge for the rides.


A beautiful pavilion was set up in the middle of the rides, complete with a singer singing Edith Piaf songs.


This is what you saw when you looked up at the ceiling of the pavillion.


I just love the lights.SAM_0840

You could also play carnival games.SAM_0836



The island has spectacular views of the city.



But at the same time, it feels like very far away from the city.SAM_0854SAM_0855SAM_0857SAM_0858

We took the ferry back to Manhattan.




And then got on the subway.


at South Ferry and went home. I enjoyed my afternoon at the seashore.


  1. Hope all goes well for you today. Looks like a lovely way to get a break.
    Love from Sandy

  2. next time you go, wear the gold dress.

  3. I've never commented before but always read yr wonderful, heartfelt posts.
    Just wanted to send you positive thoughts & well wishes.
    Thanks for sharing yr thoughts & great pix. U are very special & deserve the best.
    Take it slow & wishing U a pain-free recovery...
    Tampa, FL (a former NYC girl)

  4. i'm so glad to read your postive news ... surgery/biopsy is *scary,* however your trip to the island looks wonderful ... your narrative is so nice ... i spent just over a month is nyc a few years ago when granddaughter was being treated at mskcc (sloan-kettering) but, really, our journeys took us no further than central park on a *good day* ... we loved it, and, even though, i'm a west coast gal, at heart i'm a new yorker .... thank you for this awesome tour -- i want to go .... take care, sarah .... darlene (from the sewing list!)

  5. Darlene... I feel like a bit of a weenie getting so worried when everything turned out OK....but then again how can you NOT get worried...even when trying to not get hysterical.

    Come back to New's a nice place to be. nice to have you as a reader. I see reports on my readership in numbers...but having a face on a reader is just really lovely... I have never met Sandy but we have been correspondents for a long, long time.


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