A Segulah

Sunday evening I indulged in a bit of magical thinking. I knew I was going in for surgery early Monday. I bought  fabric to make myself a Rosh Ha Shanah dress. I figured that buying the fabric would ensure that I wouldn’t die on the operating table.



OK, the rational part of me knows that the chances of dying during the operation were in the close to zero range. I get that. But despite mostly being a rational sort of a girl, part of me clearly is not fully 100% rational. I bought the green boucle to make a Rosh Ha Shanah dress. It cost $1/yard. I guess if I had died the waste of the fabric wouldn’t have have been too tragic.


The other two fabrics, the grey rayon knit and the white textured knit will either be t-shirts or nightgowns.SAM_0888

Once I was buying fabric, the siren song of mystery bundles was just too difficult to resist.


This is what arrived. I think the green boucle may have made the nice folks at Fabric Mart think that I was a red-head.


The fabrics in the bundle were from left to right, a green poly twill. That may end up being a boring sheath dress. Copper colored nylon lace, it might be a nice overlay or jacket over the sheath. Beige cotton broadcloth, that will probably be the inner workings of a dress or a challah cover. Black and white printed knit with a border, clearly that will be a dress. Since there are both horizontal and vertical borders, it will take a bit of thinking to figure out how to lay this one out. Finally there is a soft sage grey-green rayon knit. It would look wonderful on a red head. it might end up becoming either a nightgown or underpants.


It's nice to have new fabric playing around in my head, waiting to be turned into clothing. Aside from having fun fabric to play with, the news from the surgery was good. I do have enough sense to know that buying the fabric had very little to do with the fact that I am able to write this today. But it is nice to have it around.


  1. I'm glad you are still with us :-)

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I too am glad to read that everything went well with your surgery. :-) Take good care of yourself. Sounds like you have family and friends to turn to when you need help so I hope they are busy preparing for Shabbat while you take it easy. Nancy


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