Well, the nice thing about this week is that it’s over.

So I will entertain you with random things that don’t make me miserable.

I made this week’s challah with ground hard wheat because the child who hates what my brother in law calls kikkies is away. Kikkies are the things that disturb the otherwise smooth texture of a food, say pistachios in pistachio ice cream or raisins in challah. Before I gave birth to kid #3, my food universe was filled with kikkies. Now, they are a pleasure indulged in much less. But since child #3 is away I can make challah complete with kikies.


A friend invited us for dinner. ( that is actually a tremendous thing) I’m bringing the challah and chocolate ice cream. I made the ice cream by making a chocolate custard and dumping into our ice cream maker. Our host is into unadulterated chocolate. I didn’t get all fancy with the flavor. if I were making this for myself I might have gotten funky with the flavorings, perhaps adding a bit of SAM_0680

chili pepper. I am bringing some raspberries and strawberries to complete dessert.

Since this post is about random things that I like. I have included this plate. The plate depicts St. Anne’s rectory in Quincy. It was a gift from my parent’s dear friend who was a curate at St. Anne’s in the 1960’s. I like to serve blintzes on this plate, because it amuses me.


Shabbat Shalom and here’s hoping that next week will be a better one.


  1. Big hugs. did the friend invite you because the child who prefers food w/out kikkies is away? ;-)
    Like the chocolate custard ice cream idea. when we have had a few more hot days I may get my husband to consider this idea. Do you dump it in straight after being made and I presume cooled? has it started to set at all or would it matter. We use Bird's custard powder here like most Brits (rhubarb and custard anyone?), but I could be persuaded to attempt from scratch.
    I hope you have some special moment to treasure this Shabbat to start off next week better - or help you through it.

  2. Our friends invited us because they love us...food weirdness and all. They would have invited the kikkie free boy but he is out of town.

    The custard is so easy to make , flour sugar cocoa and eggs, all stuff I assume you have in your pantry.

  3. Sorry, just catching up. Proper Custard also means standing in front of the cooker. not a pleasant thought if the end result you want is ice cream. ;-) Well the Birds stuff means that, too, but I have been cheating and using the microwave instead.

    Does the custard need to start setting? or to cool first?

  4. I have made custards in the microwave. Doing the non dairy kind i'm still experimenting with proportions so it's easier to do that on a stove top rather than in a nuker. I suppose that once I get the proportions set in my bones i could do it in the nuker.


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