Two new challah covers, and a bit of news

Today I completed two new challah covers.


the text of this one comes from a kavanah/intentional prayer that is recited by some before reciting kiddush.


I had fallen in love with the straw colored silk shantung with the subtle stripe. I had thought it would be perfect for tallit making, but my clients apparently didn’t think so.



It’s a slightly unusual color palate. I think I may have been influenced by all of the 1920’s sewing books that I have been reading lately. SAM_0788

The lavender velvet border just makes the center sing.


The aqua velvet binding was a vintage steal I had found at Paron before they moved. I think it was from the 1950’s.

I backed and bordered this piece that I had shown in extreme close up in an earlier post.


I wasn’t able to get the colors to read properly so will have to make another attempt to take pictures.


The text comes from one of the z’mirot liturgical poems that are sung during the Shabbat meals. The theme of this poem in a nutshell is food and redemption.


And now for the news.


Eichler's is a long time Brooklyn based Judaica store. As of this week, they are now carrying some of my challah covers. I’m excited about this new venture and hope that it will be a sucessful one.


  1. Those are absolutely lovely, Sarah. Good luck with your new venture!

  2. Great ideas for challah cover texts and fantastic colors! Yashar Koach on Eichler's -- Hatzlacha Rabba! I bet the synagogue Judaica stores in Manhattan would love your challah covers too.

  3. Thanks. So far, I haven't done very much retail ( aside from a small stint selling my work at the Jewish Museum).It can be difficult to sell hand made work along side factory made goods. The economics are quite different. This was the first time in a really, really long time that I was approached by someone who was willing to see to it that the pricing was fair to me.

    I was touched by the honesty and real sense of fairness that were part of my discussions with Eichler's. So I look forward to see what this new adventure brings...

  4. Oh well done Sarah. I am glad for you. I hope it becomes a very good success. But especially that people will appreciate the work, effort and thought that goes into each one.
    Sandy in the UK

  5. Wonderful! I hope that it's a great success.

  6. Yes, each of these challah covers is hand painted.


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