Food Friday…and an error of judgment

This is tonight’s chicken,  a mindless preparation of the juice of two lemons, lots of black pepper and paprika. it is then in the language of our household, “cooked to death”.


My son baked the challah this week. If you were here you would be very happy smelling how good the apartment smells right now.


This has been a really hard week. Actually it’s been a hard six weeks. There have been various medical issues going on in my body and various  doctors deciding if things were fine or very not fine. It seems at the moment like things are fine, ( for real) but the road there has been hmmmmmm, crummy.


I decided to make myself a dress as a reward for making through a crummy time. A few months ago I fell in love with a length of undyed knit linen with a gold metallic over wash.


I have been admiring the fabric since the spring and have been envisioning the dress I would make. I thought I would make a sleeveless dress with a cowl front.


I made the dress. I tried it on. I realize that I had made a mistake. I had envisioned that the dress would look like the stark un-dyed linen but with a bit of a sheen, New England but with a bit of a shimmer.


The dress though looks nothing like that. It has a seriously Las Vegas bimbette feel to it.SAM_0748SAM_0749

This dress might be wearable if I figure out how to seriously tone it down.


  1. Sorry you have been through the wringer. Big hugs.

    What do you think about some sort of 'wash' of fabric paint or to use a dark colour paint stick (or linen colour?) rubbed onto paper towel and then across the surface of the fabric. It will knock the glistening glow back, and should have more of a look you were originally envisioning. Sort of how some of these paper artists use to knock back a gold painted item to give it more of an antique look.

    I am sure you will find a solution. :-)
    Big hugs,

  2. How about an overdress of lace or transparent fabric such as silk organza? I hope your health issues remain "very fine"...


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