The Pre-wedding rush

The wedding gift for the bride and groom is now complete with a sleeve for hanging. Feel free to admire.

techina (1)

techina (2)

I ship it off tomorrow.


I love the green glen plaid suiting used as binding. I’m pleased beyond words that I can now miter corners.  Mitering was one of those  sewing tasks that took me forever  ( 15 years of bad attempts) to master. Sometimes it takes me a really, really long time to learn things.

Also sewn by me today were these two pairs of boxers for my older son.


I had made boxers for my older son for years. Then  for the past few years he wanted store bought ones.  yesterday he mentioned that he needed two more pairs and was willing for me to make them.  I realized that  since my yonger son’s boxers are nearly all orange, I can’t make my older son orange boxers  or laundry will be be a problem.


The yellow pair is made out of some of the mystery delivery of fabric  that arrived in my lobby for me a few weeks ago.  I had assumed that this Chinese themed fabric would look terrible as boxers. Instead they have a vintage Hawaiian shirt vibe.

boxers (1)

The blue pair was made out of a fancy duvet cover  that I bought twenty years ago from a clearance bin at ABC carpet and home.  This duvet cover has been turned into many pairs of boxers.

And one last look at the dress I’m wearing, now complete with the slip I had made for it.  I made the slip out of a flashy black and silver knit. It adds a really subtle shimmer  to the dress and gives  the fairly ordinary lace a push into the much more interesting ( read expensive ) looking. The variations in color come from trying to get the image to show the slight shimmer. meggiemeggie (1)meggie - Copy

A peek at the silvery slip.

meggie (1) - Copymeggie (3) - Copy


It reminds me of my 1930’s sewing books that talk about wearing  sheer dresses over slips  made out of “cloth of silver”.


And finally, a last for our household.


This is the last bottle of seltzer that I plan to buy. My daughter’s boyfriend bought us a Soda Stream. I love not having to ever lug home cases of seltzer from Costco or from our local supermarket. It’s the end of an era, and it makes me happy.


  1. The wedding gift is gorgeous! Love the boxers, too!

  2. the wedding gift is wonderful! and just the special feeling that your hands could do prosaic and special all throughout.
    I am glad you have to carry one less heavy thing.


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