How was the wedding???

Pretty wonderful!
All of the photos in this post were taken either by my cousin ET, or by my cousin Mark. Here I am with the bride and her mother, my older sister. You can see the dress on my actual body. The pearls I’m wearing were a 50th birthday gift from my sister.
photo (5)
My husband and his sister. Yes, they do look remarkably similar.   I love that my sister in law has made herself so beloved to my family that she is as a matter of course invited to all family events, even those hosted by my sisters. My sister in law made the trek from California. As always, it was wonderful to spend time with her.

photo (13)

My oldest sister looking elegant in grey.

My kids goofing around together.
meggies wedding2

My daughter wearing the 1959 Miami Casuals dress she had inherited from Vivian’s mother.  I call it the man catcher dress. It cost $16.50 in 1959.
photo (9)
Another shot of me in the dress with a bevy of bride’s maids behind.
photo (8)

My husband with our daughter. She is wearing a necklace that my mother had passed onto me when I was a teenager. I gave it to my daughter when she was a teen. I had bought her the circa 1970 earrings in an antique store last summer.  My daughter thought the pearls echoes the berries  on the dress in a nice way.meggies wedding dena

A standing shot of me with my cousin.
meggies wedding bonnie  s

My mother. She even had her hair done. This is the first time I saw her in hair that wasn't just washed then combed into place. This is historic.
meggies wedding  d=d=savta
My boys, egging each other on.
meggies wedding boys
Mind you all of these photos were taken pre reception. It is a big mitzvah to dance at a wedding and we all took the mitzvah really seriously.  We were all completely sweat drenched and disheveled  by the end of the wedding. It was a truly joyous  day and was the first wedding after several years of death and illness in the family. So we all DANCED. I will post more photos as I receive them.


  1. You look lovely! The kids all have beautiful smiles. you must be proud of them. I am glad your family had such a rejoicing time.

  2. We were all really happy. The kids do have great smiles. They laugh a whole lot when they are all together. Naomi...nice to hear from you...always!!

  3. You all look lovely, and so happy.

  4. All of you are looking amazing dear and I am glad that you shared it here with us. I wish you all the blessings. I am also getting married at San Francisco wedding venues by end of this year and hope for my wedding to be great and fun filled like this.


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