Food Friday–How I know I brought the right kid home from the hospital edition

My older son has an important career interview this afternoon. It’s a big deal four hour long interview.  Earlier in the week my son had me iron a dress shirt and his khaki pants.

Last night my son began talking to me about Shabbat dinner.  He offered to make both the chicken and the challah.


I realized as he was kneading the challah that he asked to make the challah because he knows that kneading a big batch of dough is a really good way to get rid of free floating anxiety.


Hopefully, all of the anxiety has gone into the challah dough and my son will be cool calm and collected during the four hour interview process.

challah (2)

I love that my son knows that a great way to get rid of worry is to punch a load of dough hard. Despite the fact that he looks like me, but with a beard, I know that I really did take the right kid home from the hospital.

And a Pre Shabbat bonus some photos of a jewel box pretty synagogue in our neighborhood.

shulshul (1)shul (2)shul (3)

The interior of this synagogue looks like a yellow and white wedding cake made by an obsessive pastry chef. It isn’t very large but I love the exuberance of the place.



Shabbat Shalom!


  1. That is beautiful and your photography makes the relief seem to go all the way into the sky.

  2. Best of's all son's work. (my youngest did the egg glaze and put the challah in the oven)


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