A milestone

This week my youngest went to prom.  Many of my son’s friends are seniors so my son figured out how to go. He asked a friend.



When my son and I discussed his getting a suit to wear to my niece's wedding he said he wanted a suit that would make him look something like Pee-Wee Herman.SAM_0595

My son loved that this fitted knit blazer fit the bill. the silver jeans were a birthday gift from my daughter.


My son made the tie out of duct tape. It is is Pee-Wee like look.



jumping jed

This photo taken by Cynthia completely expresses who my kid is.

One of my favorite things about my kids is their ability to push the humor in any situation. Last weekend we stayed at the home of good friends.

They had purchased two slankets.  For my kids, this was an opportunity not to be missed. The photos show the joy but not the laughter and the chants that accompanied  the donning of the slankets.    My kids may never win the Nobel Prize but they are completely amusing.

slanketism 3slanketism2



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