Priming the Pump

There are times when it is a little hard to focus on work.  Right now  I have some work on my plate, but I’m also trying to figure out how to take care of some other responsibilities in my life. Often trying to balance various needs makes me a bit unfocused.


For me, a good way to get my sewing mojo back is to do some prime the pump sewing. Making boxers for my youngest is a good way to prime the sewing pump and help get me back to work.


I made these boxers out of two of the  orange batiks that had been left for me by as yet unknown person in my lobby. I love how the two orange prints play off of one another.  The elastic comes from a giant roll that I scored for a song  a couple of years ago in the garment district.  The little medallion/join piece on the elastic comes from an Indian bedspread that has been used in a multitude of projects including several pairs of boxers and a few pillow cases.


The color, orange, is the color of most of my son’s boxers.  It isn’t like either one of us is so in love with orange but the weird fabrics tend to end up as boxers.



Now I’m ready to work on the dress I’m wearing to my niece's wedding. so the boxers have indeed primed the pump.


  1. Oh, lightbulb moment on the bit of fabric over the join! I shall squirrel that away. I hope to be starting on some board short type shorts for the over 10 y.o. boys where my friend works in Ethiopia. I was thinking of adding elastic in this way, but hadn't managed to think through all the steps yet.

    all the best with all the things filling your head.

  2. Sandy, if you use busy fabric then less than beautiful stitching becomes invisible. The fabric join is the most professional looking elastic application that I can do. The striped elastic helps too.

    Thanks for your good wishes. Mostly its puzzling out an array of different needs. The solutions are there, it's just a matter of getting all the pieces figured out.


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