Home and Away

Last Wednesday night I took the 11:00pm bus to Boston. I had a meeting Wednesdays night and  needed to be in Boston in time for my mother’s noon appointment.



In case you were wondering, there are taxis at South Station at 3:15 am.


One of my other tasks during my time in Boston was re filling my mother’s freezer. My husband arrived Thursday evening. Friday we picked up a rental car in Needham and went to the Costco in Dedham. In case you were wondering, there is no fresh kosher meat in that Costco but there are  kosher frozen capons. 

Four chickens are now cooked and cut up into single servings are now in my mother’s freezer. Of course I bought her other foods and necessities at Costco, but don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the complete shopping list.


What flavor chicken you ask? Two were cooked vaguely Israeli with Zaatar, smoked paprika and lemon. Two were cooked vaguely French with fresh thyme, oregano and marjoram along with fresh lemon. If you visit my mother at dinnertime, she may offer you a piece.


This is one of the nice things about driving around Boston.


You just don’t see this bumper sticker in New York. If you are from Boston, you can watch this video and get a bit weepy. Paragon Park or this one another Paragon Park video.

My husband and I took the bus home together.bus home (8)bus home (1)bus home (2)bus home (3)bus home (4)bus home (5)bus home (6)bus home (7)

Today I have been doing laundry and also made my son a sleeve for his laptop. I had gone to the local TJ Maxx to buy one for him but the only ones they had were way too girly. I didn’t think my son would want a hot pink laptop sleeve.


It turns out I was wrong and he didn’t care. But I had already made him one out of  a dollar store  rug and a cool plastic runner from TJ Maxx.

laptop sleeve (3)laptop sleeve (4)

The rug.laptop sleeve (5)

The table runner.

laptop sleeve (6)laptop sleeve (7)

A pocket for the charger, I still haven’t figured out a closure.laptop sleeve (8)


The elastic cord was purchased at the Boston Children’s Museum recycle store not quite twenty years ago.laptop sleeve (1)

My son, who owns a pink zebra striped yoga mat for his gym class  ( because that was the one that I found) told me that he would have been fine with the magenta lap top case that I didn’t buy but likes the one I made him a whole lot better. As I had anticipated, he loves the textures.


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