Some Food for food Friday

This is the cake we serve for the first night of seder. It’s a flourless chocolate nut cake.  You are supposed to be impressed by how tall the cake is. Soon I will take it out of the pan, wrap it up and put it in the freezer.



My son made a potato kugel for dinner, actually it was supposed to be mashed potatoes but I told him to leave too much of the cooking water in the pot. So with the addition of a bit of matza meal and some eggs it’s a kugel. Because the fat we used in the kugel is olive oil rather than chicken fat and the potatoes were boiled rather than  grated raw it’s  very white and reminds me of what I used to think of as Goyish potatoes  when I was a little kid.  Jewish potatoes were usually grey and chunky and cooked with lots of chicken fat. Goyish potatoes were white and cooked in butter and were very smooth. Both were good, but not at all the same thing.


I also added a vinegar brine to the chicken I had pulled out of the soup. I think that it will taste good but it’s really ugly. I haven’t figured out a presentation that does not make the chicken look like the dregs of an industrial dish machine. I hope I figure out something clever before we eat. If I don’t, I guess I will just call the dish Industrial Waste Chicken and hope for the best.



We had a lovely late season snow this week and I took photos of the snow and other  bits of my view that caught my eye. but was too preoccupied to post, so now I am posting some cool images from my living room window. I was unable to capture the image of the crescent moon snugged under the cornice of one of the buildings on the next block.

Earlier this week the early morning light hit the one way sign across the street in such a way that it glowed blue.  It looked  so cool.



These are two early morning shots of the snow.On Broadway the snow does not last long.



The streetlights and the lights from the apartments reflect off of the falling snow so you get a very dramatic glow.



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