I’m back

My mother’s stroke could have been far worse. It seems to have hit in an interesting language processing piece of her brain. As of tonight, she is in rehab. I hope that the speech therapists will do good work with my mother.  Clearly, this is the sanitized version of the week with most of the excitement and drama left out.  If you want to know more details you can email me and I will fill you in.


I’m glad to be home with my husband and kids.

Waiting for me as I walked in the door was Shabbat dinner cooked by my older son. He had baked the challah earlier in the week. My oldest came for dinner as well.

It was a wonderful welcome home.


I had ordered two sewing books before I left and they were both here when I came home. This was one of the books.

find it sew it 001

It’s quite a good book with well drawn diagrams for making the garments. The book was written in 1971, on the early side  for this sort of a book. Most of the  hippie clothing books were written just a few years later. the prime year for these sorts of alternative clothing books seems to be 1974.

find it sew it 001 (3)

This book is a keeper.

The bio of the author though had me completely flummoxed.

find it sew it 001 (2)

There are just so many questions this brief biography raise for me.

1- So what name did she publish under?

2- What is Vicki Gerber’s real name?

3- Why did she publish this book under a different name?


If you can answer any of these questions, please let me know.


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