Higgledy- Piggeldy

This blog post reflects the state of my mind at the moment. Between my anxiety about my mother’s condition ( How much better will she get in rehab? Will she be able to live on her own after they let kick her out of rehab?)

And my anxiety about getting ready for Passover after having missed a week of work time, my mind jumps from  topic to topic. If you find the concept of a jumble of ideas disconnected from one another in one blog to distressing, come back another day. I won’t take it personally. My husband often finds the workings of my brain slightly disconcerting, and I know that he loves me.
I need to use up the flour and grans before Passover, so I made a batch of bagels. I ground up kamut and soft wheat into the dough as well as some oats. as I mixed the dough I realized the close affinity between porridge and bread dough.

This did make excellent bagels.
Anxiety is also a good time to guild the lily. I often find it difficult to actually creative when my head is filled with worries.  Anxiety is however a great time to do the fussy hand work that one is normally too sane to do.
The lettering on my nephew to be’s atara is now getting outlined by hand embroidery. The craziest part of it is that it makes a slight visual difference. I guess it’s either fussy hand work or I can yell at my family.
In case you were wondering the teeny French knots are more satisfying to make than outlining the letters.
This pesky picky work actually is a good anxiety reliever.
I had an anxiety dream. Before I tell you about it I ought to tell you that while I am not a boring person I have incredibly boring dreams.  There are no deeper levels of meanings in my dreams. Anyway, in my dream my husband complained that I had left too many pairs of my shoes by the bed and he asked me to put my shoes away.  In my dream, I put the shoes away in my closet.  When I woke up, I saw that I had already put my shoes away.  See? a boring anxiety dream.  If you want a more exciting dream you will have to dream it yourself.

Also, I was not elected pope.


  1. LOL were you worried they would choose you? I burst out laughing. ;-D

    I like the anxiety stitching. If anything will get your mind off something, hand stitching with metallic thread will do it! I have had the experience.

    all the best for your mum...and for getting sorted for Passover.


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