Happy Birthday to my youngest !!!!

I suppose that if I had actually given a bit more thought to it I wouldn’t have given birth to a son whose birthday so often falls just before Passover.



What I really ought to be doing tonight is Passover cleaning. Instead I baked a cake for my youngest.  Some of his friends are coming by tomorrow afternoon.  I assume that a group of adolescents will polish off the cake.


What did I bake for my delightful but inconveniently born son?  The cake itself is a “quick plain cake”  from the settlement cookbook. Given my son’s very un-exotic taste in food the vanilla butter cake with a hint of orange flavor is just right.


The cake is filled with vanilla custard ice cream I made tonight. The frosting is a cooked butter cream that actually tastes delicious.




The frosting is green because my son was born on St. Patrick's day.  The cake is covered in plastic wrap because I pulled the cake out of the freezer to take the photos.  At the moment it reminds me of the plastic slip covers that were so popular during my childhood.



Here are the recipes for both the cake and the frosting.  I baked quick plain cake #1. Most of my kids’ cakes have been this cake with variations in flavor.


The frosting comes from a 1960’s book on decorated cakes.  The cakes are mostly ugly, but this butter cream recipe is delicious as stated, and was worth the price of the book.

My mixer died in the preparation of this cake.  I had to whisk the frosting by hand. I will get a new mixer after Passover.

buttercream 001

quick plain cake 001


I like how completely homey and home made this cake looks. The birthday boy dutifully licked all of the bowls and beaters.


  1. So, one born on Halloween and one born on St. Patrick's day! Cool. Does the other son have his own day?
    The cake looks good.

  2. Sort of...my other son's birthday often falls during Passover. My mother used to celebrate his birthday during the second night of Passover. I have taken to making him cheesecake when his birthday falls during Passover.

    My birthday is often on Mothers' Day.
    My kids like that their birthdays fall on such silly secular holidays. That is the celebration of their birthday holidays are pretty silly in this country.


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