I’m really pleased by this tallit bag.

rahamim (2)

The lines of quilting stiches were a last minute inspiration. I’m a little concerned about the durability of the orange drapery fabric from the 1940’s. Quilting will make it a bit more secure.  I also love how the horizontal quilting lines echo both of the ribbed fabrics that make up the bag.


I also like the little bits of light that the copper thread give to the tallit bag. I included some action shots of the progress of the stitchingrahamim  (4)rahamim  (3)

An now for the interior,


The names of all of the wearers of the tallit. I love how the photos just peek out.rahamim  (2)

The photos inside the bag, including the grandfather of the bar-mitzvah boy wearing the tallit that will live in the bag.


Enjoy the following dramatic shots of the bag.

rahamim  (5)rahamim  (7)rahamim (1)

rahamim (3)


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