Communal Obligations

My son’s school is having an auction this Friday night. I’m not going but I’m contributing items for the “Class basket”. My contribution is three scarves.



This boa is made out of four layers of Indian printed  “sari silk”.  Sari silk is not exactly silk, and is more likely a poly rayon mix.  To make the scarf I layered  four 2 yard lengths of the fabric, and stitched down the middle. I then cut strips to the stitching line on the diagonal so they would not fray.


This infinity scarf is made out of metallic and silk organza. The fabric came off the bolt flat. After I sewed up the circle, I wet the silk. when the fabric is wet it crinkles up like crazy.  I love how it falls somewhere between a scarf and jewelry. I own several of these scarves and wear them a ton. They are just to thing to toss over boring clothes and look as if you made an effort to get dressed.


This last scarf /shawl photographs the least impressively but too the most amount of work. I dyed the scarf by folding it into a square, painting along the fold lines, setting the color and then repeating the process along a different axis.  I like the soft geometry in the scarf.


Hopefully these scarves will help to raise badly needed money for my son’s excellent school.


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