A rant….

This photo of my family was taken this past Thanksgiving. I am not in the picture because I was home sick. my cousin David took the photo.


I’m including this photo because I’m thinking about how we care for family members.  I have been talking to various home care agencies in Boston trying to find the best match for my mother.

I just got off the phone with an agency. One of my sisters told me that several members of her community used the agency. Their rates were low. They were really low. Their workers make a shade over $6 per hour. I know that one could say that the care worker is  sleeping for part of that time, but still. Taking care of an old person is hard work. Being around a person who is not of full mental or physical soundness is exhausting. taking care of such a person takes real skill.


I asked the agency about how much time off their full time 24 hour workers get. I was told “ Oh they aren’t like you or me,  they don’t need much time off.”  I don’t know, If I were taking care of even a completely delightful human being 24/7  for only $6/hour after several days I would get kind of cranky. I could not imagine what I would be like after a month. I would assume that even if I had the disposition of a saint I would be mean and resentful of the person I was caring for.



Needless to say, we did not go with that agency. We have selected the agency that pays it’s workers a decent wage and gives it’s workers 2 days off each week.


  1. Well I guess! Good call. I can't believe there are people who still think there are others 'who aren't like you or I'. We know a family from the Philippines. The Father works in a care home. In the Philippines he was a university lecturer. but doesn't have the qualifications needed here. So, not like you or I may possibly be that they are gracious and not over full of self worth.
    I read your food Friday post too. it all looks good. they do pizza with chicken or with pinapple over here. Took some getting used to. the sauce is not as nice as the sauce on American pizza...now and then I find one that is better.
    Our Samuel is 24 today. he is getting rather down about not being able to get a job yet. not really realising it is happening to alot of young people.
    Hope things go smoothly with getting your mum settled. Hope some of the worry is less while you celebrate your holiday.

  2. Sandy, I was so angry after the call with that agency that I was running around my house yelling. I did not shout angry curses at the woman on the phone. I thought them, but did not yell at her.

    As for you son, it took my daughter a long time to get a rel job. She graduated from college two years ago June and it took until just a few weeks ago before she got a real job. she's had bits of jobs and some awful jobs. I do hope that this one is a keeper.
    Best of wishes to your Samuel.


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