Sarah in nyc goes to Florida

My cousin’s daughter got married this weekend. My husband and I went to the wedding in Sarasota.
The Delta terminal at Kennedy Airport was filled with sparrows.

We flew into Tampa because it saved us a bundle on airfare.  We spent a day wandering in Tampa. We loved the old part of downtown and it's many art deco buildings.

We completely fell in love with the art deco  Tampa movie theatre.

What a gateway into the experience of movie going!

I loved the contrast of old and new brickwork. This square column is from the Tampa movie theater.

The nee-Federalist Hotel Floridian from the 1920’s reminded me of so many stately hotels from the same era in New York and Boston.SAM_0131

You just knew that this was a respectable hotel. I wish I could have seen the ballroom which I'm sure is behind the arched windows.

I was also smitten by the Kress store.

Even the manhole covers were beautiful in Tampa, even though it was relatively cold and rainy.
The administration building of the University of Tampa is the old Tampa Hotel. This Victorian era resort hotel is an out of control example of  Victorian exoticism. 
We then had a long drive through some of the industrial port area. It felt very familiar. I grew up just a few miles from the Fore River shipyard. That low industrial landscape close to shore feels just like home.

The next day we took the local highway, as opposed to the interstate down to Sarasota. We love local roads. It’s a good way to really get to see what an area is like.There are lots of local produce stands along the way,  lots of places to buy Cubans. We assume this means pressed sandwiches rather than escapees from Castro's rule.

Living as we do in Manhattan where we see the sky in little  slivers, the big sky of flat Florida was intoxicating. The weather was kind of turbulent. The sky was amazing.SAM_0139SAM_0140SAM_0141SAM_0142SAM_0143SAM_0146

My daughter shops at the Washington Heights  branch of the Bravo supermarket.  We have only seen small urban sized Bravo markets.SAM_0147

My husband keeps threatening to move us to a tin can in Florida. This was one of many, many trailer parks that we saw on the trip from Tampa to Sarasota along Rte. 41.

When in Sarasota we went to an outdoor art show with my cousin Jimmy, his wife ET and daughter Hope.

SAM_0151We found another great art deco Kress store.SAM_0150SAM_0152SAM_0153

Don’t you just love the palm tress and oranges?


My husband admiring the Kress store, and my cousins below.SAM_0155

I loved these boxes made out of fallen trees.

dressed for the wedding

At the wedding,. My cousin took this photo

Right after the wedding we drove to the airport and returned the car. We traveled home like students stealing cat naps in the airports and on the plane. It’s nice to be home.


  1. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  2. OMGosh .... the photography is amazing; i love, love, love looking at the old buildings ... i'm from san francisco, and it's not *quite* like this, but ... it so reminds me of home and of being a kid ... the dress is gorg and your hubbs is so ... cute .... thanks so much for sharing, sarah ... i see you had a great time ....


    1. Thanks Darlene -
      I love that digital cameras, even the low end ones like mine, have improved so much. I like that I can really capture what I see.

      I will send your compliments onto my husband.I'm sure he will be pleased.

      And we did have a blast. I didn't take photos at the wedding. My evening bag was too small to take it along.

  3. The dress looks great---Florida looks so appealing as it always does in February, and Tampa is an interesting old town. It is possible that the stands along the road were selling cigars, not sandwiches or refugees. I also like the sweater your cousin is wearing.

  4. Sarah - wow the dress is fabulous and I can't believe how long your hair has gotten! I loved the Tampa photos - we are on Sanibel right now, leave the 28th to go home - won't have time to stop going back but we will make Tampa a stop coming to Fl next year. We usually try to find interesting places to wander around in on our way down - we have spent time in Miconope Florida, St. Mary's Georgia to name a couple. Too bad you hit the cold spell - it has been fabulous weather this year - 80s most days - will hate to leave it!
    Martha Ann


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