Food Friday, simple pleasures

Some meals are fun to cook because they are so complicated. This Shabbat I’m  going for simple.

I started tonight’s soup yesterday afternoon. It’s a beef tomato cabbage soup. We can spread the beef marrow on challah for a little bit of heaven.  The slow-cooker is perfect for making soups.  Given that I can’t add much salt to my food the slow long cooking caramelizes  the vegetables and the meat so you get deep intense flavor.

beef soup

The depths of winter have me craving the bright flavor of citrus. Tonight’s chicken is made with  squeezed Meyer lemons and  sliced navel oranges. A few shakes of black pepper and that’s it. I cooked the chicken on low heat because I had some errands to run out of the house. by cooking the chickens at a low temperature I didn’t have to worry about the house burning down while I was out of the house.

citrus chicken

Continuing in the theme of simple we will have marinated vegetables. I still haven’t boiled up the vinegar. I like foods that cook themselves so I can take care of other things.

This is my husband’s busy season. He’s been working crazy hours for the past few weeks and putting in especially long hours this week. I suspect that he may need to nap before we eat and may even be forced choose sleep over Shabbat dinner. So this is a guest free week.



Shabbat Shalom to all.


  1. The soup looks great!

    Eve's friend in California, Tom


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