I’m done! Daphi’s tallit is complete.




I had gotten the pinot/corners done a while ago.  It took me a long time to figure out how to get the atara/neckband sewn on neatly. I don’t know why but sometimes simple tasks have me completely flummoxed.  This only (!)  took three tries.SAM_0030


If you notice some variation in the color it’s because the atara is made up of three layers of sheer silk. The color shifts depending on the position of your eye. It’s like a quiet little light show.

I also just completed a dress that is a loud little light show. We are attending yet another Florida family event with a black tie reception.  My friend Marcia had bought me the fabric while we were on an adventure in the garment district last year. I was too chicken to cut into it last year, but  I was ready this time.



My house is now completely carpeted in teeny iridescent sequins. As a New Englander it feels completely transgressive to wear something quite so sparkly, but one needs to wear sparkles in Florida. I think it’s the law, the same way one has to wear black while in New York.

black tie dress (4)

Yes, it is sheer and yes, I know I’m not a Hollywood starlet and plan to wear a black  slip underneath. I like that it looks fancy but is as comfortable as wearing a nightgown.  I don’t know if you can see the two side godets that drape down.  The dress has a early 1930’s feel to me. 

black tie dress (1)


Frankly, the hardest part of making this dress is getting it on and off the dummy. The flocked skin of the dress dummy is very grippy and makes getting the dress on and off quite a chore. Thank goodness I don’t have  flocked skin. It would make getting dressed a much more difficult task.


  1. yes. I am glad you don't have flocked skin, too! ;0) LOL
    That looks pretty awesome. you need to get someone to take a photo of you wearing it!


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