A blast from my past…

I had made this atara/tallit neckband several years ago for the father of a client.

fredman atara 003

My client's father was a Cohen .  I chose a text from the blessings we recite before the recitation of the Priestly blessing in synagogue.

 for You alone we worship in awe

In the center of the atara I created a stylized priestly breastplate. We don’t really know the stones used in the breastplate (despite  the certainty of fundamentalists).  I chose to represent the stones with twelve mirrors.

fredman atara 002

Each mirror was embroidered using a different stitch pattern.

The person sitting behind the wearer of the tallit sees their own face in the atara.  You can create your own bit of exegesis here.  I like how this piece involves both the wearer and his fellow worshipers.


In the next couple of days I will find out if I am to make  another of these atarot. I hope I do.

fredman atara 001


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