Sunday Night Supper


sunday supper (2)

My older son and I spent the afternoon at the New York Historical Society. We saw the excellent New York during WWII exhibit.

As we walked home re realized that we would need to cook some supper. I had pulled a chicken out of the freezer before our adventure.  I bought some smoked paprika at the spice store around the corner.  My son suggested adding lemon juice to the chicken as well.


I massaged the smoked paprika into the chicken and roasted it at 435. I added lemon juice most of the way through the cooking, and kept adding more smoked paprika. I added the vegetables just before the chicken was done


My son had put up a Mark Bittman style loaf earlier in the day and we baked the bread covered in the pot until we pulled the chicken out of the oven. The we uncovered the bread. By the time the chicken had finished cooling and  setting on the stove top the bread was done.


I had taken a beautiful but very fussy bread baking book out of the library.  My son thought the book was far too fussy and irritating in it’s orientation and decided to bake the bread we usually bake here at home, the bread we affectionately  call ‘ Ho- bread’, because it is home made.


We had quite the lovely supper. The chicken was at once earthy and bright tasting.  My son was right, the combination of smoked paprika and lemon is pretty intoxicating.


I love that the photo looks as enticing as the food-porn one sees in the cooking magazines, and cooked in my mother’s   ugly 1953 pan.


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