Food Friday and work

My youngest is the only one of my kids home this Shabbat. I made him this bonus challah roll out of this week’s batch of challah.


For many years I used to create challah rolls with a knot. This past high holiday season I realized that a spiral is both simpler to construct  and looks far cuter. You wet the inside of the spiral so it does not unroll. Wet dough is an excellent glue.


We have been invited to a friend’s house for dinner. Our youngest has been invited to a friend of his for Shabbat dinner.  So this is a taste of future empty nest-hood.


Not having to cook means that I had time to work.



Daphi’s tallit is nearly complete. I love how the orange organza and the maroon chiffon have combined in such a delicious way. The text comes from Jonah’s prayer from inside the great whale ” In the wrapping up of my soul with God”.

The text comes together only when the wearer holds the corners together. Daphi is a red head. The colors on the tallit will be beautiful on her.


Like all of you, I have been riveted and horrified by the news from Connecticut.  There simply are no words.


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