A day doing things I would rather not do

Today was spent doing things I would have preferred not to do.


Before breakfast I cleaned the wax off of our five chanukiyot. I had to write up the minutes of  two meetings and send them out.

I also had a giant stack or ironing to do. These are the table cloths I ironed today. because of the flood in our closet I have also been ironing all sorts of things one normally does not iron.


All of our luggage and tote bags lived in that closet. I had to wash all of the collection of bags in the closet. The suitcases were mostly synthetic and could hang to dry. The tote bags were a different story. I have been ironing countless canvas tote bags of various sizes and shapes.  If the bags are not ironed they are horrible lumps of crumpled horrible-ness. Ironed they will be put away once the closet is dry, re plastered and re-painted.

Ironing crumpled canvas is a crummy job, in case you were struck with an urge to iron all of your tote bags.


When my kids were little, we briefly had a babysitter whose previous job was working as a laundress for a Park Avenue family. It might have been nice to have a laundress ironing al of those heavy canvas bags for me. I do have a sneaking suspicion that even if I had such an employee, ironing those bags would have driven her to quit.


The stack of ironing is now smaller. It isn’t quite as terrifying.


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