With a Little Help From my Sewing Friends



This nasty blob on the back of my student’s jacket.

the blob


Got transformed into this.100_3166

A cool half belt sewn into the side seams of the jacket, many thanks to my wise friend Loretta, who suggested the half belt to hide the ugly teacher caused blob.


My student loved the simple and elegant solution. Many thanks Loretta.


Our next project is making a dress for an American Girl doll. We are starting out with a pattern. I have a pattern book from when my daughter was into those dolls in a big way.  My student is learning from my early sewing bumbles. We are lining the bodice of the dress .  It’s a much less fiddly way to get a clean finish on such a small garment. the end result looks more elegant with less work.


The doll will end up with a Vegas worthy dress. I will post more images after our next lesson.


  1. Glad it worked out. Sometimes simple is best! We learn so much from mistakes. My problems solved often result in favorite garments.


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