How to stay busy during a state of emergency

We have been more or less home bound since Sunday evening.   My son hasn’t had school all week. My husband has been unable to get to his office and there is no power in the building.  My husband and I have been taking turns using this computer. Both of us have been trying to work.

I did massive amounts of laundry. At first I was worried that we might not have power or water at some point so was trying to get as much stuff done ahead of the crisis.

Sunday evening was my building's annual Halloween lobby decorating. I coordinated the event.  halloween 2012 (1)halloween 2012 (4)halloween 2012 (3)halloween 2012 (2)halloween 2012
We made ghost garlands out of  tissue paper. one family made garbage bag ghosts. There were a ton of kids working away, all hopped up on sugar. We also did cookie and cup cake decorating.  It was loud slightly chaotic but ultimately very productive and a nice bit of community building in my building.

I also got to work on my niece's engagement gift. My niece just became engaged to the nephew of a long time client of mine.   My client and her siblings give one of my challah covers and a havdallah bag to each of the nieces or nephews as an engagement gift.    My niece and her intended are no exception to this lovely family tradition.
I selected the text and colors after a conversation with my niece.  Hopefully I will be ale to finish this challah cover soon.

Today, I finally went out to re-stock or nearly empty larder.  I am very aware that some neighborhoods in the city are still in terrible shape. Our neighborhood is  nearly back to normal. Public school kids don't have school so there is a bit of a carnival feel to the streets with happy groups of kids wandering up and down town.  I also found that store staff and customers were very kind to one another. We are so grateful to have come through relatively unscathed.  We are also very aware of the great efforts people have made to  just show up at work. Some employers are paying taxi fares to be sure that their stores are staffed.


  1. Like you my dh had no power at his office until yesterday. My cousins live on the the lower east side and they ended up leaving for his sister's house in Jersey. I assume that she was one of the lucky ones who got power back. The pictures and news reports are heart breaking. I have friends who's houses were flooded when 5 feet of water flooded their streets. They are devastated and exhausted. I almost feel guilty to have my life intact. Most of those around us don't have power and there are plenty of downed trees and wires. Maybe people will start really taking climate change seriously.


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