Food Friday–Post Thanksgiving Edition

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. My family, including my mother and sister went out to Brooklyn to join family there. Unfortunately I had a bad cold. I stayed home and dozed on the couch while watching Netflix and blowing my nose. My big take-away from the experience is that I think Celebrity Rehab must be written for the addicted. I have never seen  a show that assumes that the viewer has zero memory of what took place five minutes ago.

I am probably one of the only people in America who didn’t overeat yesterday. Given that I’m not particularly fond of turkey skipping a day of it is fine in my book. It would have been nice though to spend time with extended family.

But like every week, Thursday is followed by Friday and I needed to put together Shabbat dinner.  I’m slightly less sick so my cooking is not endangering my family. I made meatballs with lots of ground up veggies.  I also made this kale salad out of shredded kale, roasted clementine sections dried cranberries and sliced almonds. I dressed it with sesame oil and rice vinegar.  In the parlance of our household, it’s Vaguely Asian Kale Salad.



I do love the traditional squash / pumpkin custard pie.  I made one as a side dish. Given that this is a meat meal I used soy milk in the custard.  I used maple syrup as the sweetener. It’s a nice New England sort of a side dish…I guess it’s the Puritan version of a kugel.

This meal will be accompanied by my mother’s cranberry sauce and my sister’s awesome chocolate pecan rum pie and her fabulous ginger cookies.


I’m thankful that it’s just a cold and nothing serious.


Shabbat Shalom!!!


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