Food Friday - Beep Edition

My older son had issues with auditory processing.  One of the nice side effects  is that he inadvertently renames many aspects of every day life. When he was little, beef became “beep”.


We LOVE beep.  This is a beep Shabbat.  I coated the roasts with ground coriander, cinnamon, ginger, paprika and coffee.  I will make a barbecue –type sauce to put over the meat  when I heat it up for Shabbat dinner. I will be puttin ght meat in the oven at 4:25 because that’s when Shabbat starts, but we won’t be eating dinner until 8:00.



We are also eating chicken soup which I began last night. I will strain my youngest’s serving in a tea strainer. The rest of us will eat the soup unstrained. In the parlance of our house, soup is either served with or without stuff.

 100_3205We are also eating…


Not yet pictured, is the cabbage salad that isn’t yet made.


  1. Carrots are also wonderful roasted like you have done the potatoes.
    Or I guess you are roasting them?
    The taste as sweet as sweet potato done that way and are very easy to chop up.
    you can also roast parsnips. Very nice.

    I tried some of your kale chips. Yum. only I could only find a bag of chopped up stuff at the time, so it was a bit harder to eat. not very chip like. but we managed!
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Often I roast a whole mix of root vegetables for Shabbat. This week though was about as simple as you could get...just the Eastern potatoes with a sweet, olive oil, salt pepper and paprika. I love the way that the roasting transforms even vegetables I don't particularly like into something wonderful.


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