First snow of the year


For the past couple of nights I have been so cold when I got into bed that I put a sweater on over my pj’s. As I put on the sweater, I thought about the folks in the Rockaways, and Coney island and Atlantic City who have no power and are REALLY cold as they go to sleep.

So if life isn’t bad enough for the people just starting to get out from under Sandy, I looked out the window and saw ----snow.

first snow 2012 (3)


This isn’t the pretty fluffy stuff kids dream of. This is the wet soggy snow that makes even the young feel arthritic and old.

first snow 2012


It’s even starting to stick. Most years, I react like a five year old to the first snow.  It usually feels like a party.  This year, as I think about my fellow New Yorkers who live by the sea, I really don’t feel like celebrating the first snow of the season.


My older son though, hasn’t seen snow in three years. he’s delighted,  even by this flying slop.


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